General Questions

A construction manager is a professional who has been selected to represent another individual or entity construct and complete a project. It is the sole obligation, and responsibility of the construction manager to represent the owner from design phase of the project to closing.

Construction management is a professional service that provides owners with exceptional management and services toward a project's cost, scheduling, safety and quality.

Unlike the construction manager (CM), a general contractor is sometimes referred to as (GC). The GC is responsible for executing construction projects on a job site, while the CM is responsible for managing and ensuring that the project is done accordingly by the blueprints provided by the architects, and engineers. In summary, the general contractor is the individual(s) who sometimes purchase the materials, and provide the manpower to build the house, the bridge or the skyscrapper. 

Client Query

BAK Construction Inc is a construction management firm and general contracting firm that specialize in rough carpentry and high-end interior finishing. Our services extend to new construction, multi-residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure. 

It depends on the type of project and the size of the project. Painting a single room will take one (1) day, laying down a tile will take about three (3) days. Building a house might take a couple of months, constructing a multi-residential, high rise, bridge or transportation might take a couple of years. This is why it is important to have a construction manager who assist owners with their everyday needs. This is why at BAK Construction Inc, we offer the best construction managers to forecast, estimate and complete your projects with care.

Technical Questions

BAK Construction Inc utilize GCS PAY for all payment methods. We encourage all subcontractors, vendors and suppliers to register. GCS Pay is a CRM software that helps our clients track their projects on the day-to-day basis. We've incorporated an accounting, leads, deals and HRM tool into the software to maximize productivity, reduce risk while increasing profit margins for our clients. We further implement milestones to ensure that projects, invoice and payments are done accordingly. Of course, we encourage and welcome clients to provide their own payment methods. Our personnel's are more than capable at adapting and implementing new software skills to make sure projects are completed accordingly.

In construction management and general construction, there are six stages.

(1) Concept stage: This stage deals with planning and developing.
(2) Design Phase: Architects and engineers collaborate with the selected Construction Manager to make sure that designs are accurately done.
(3) Pre-Construction: The construction site is evaluated to identify possible risks, as well as recruit other stakeholders who will be involved with the project.
(4) Procurement: Is a process of securing the necessary service and products needed to complete a project within a designated time and budget.

(5) Construction: Construction begins as the owner, construction managers, general contractors of different trade begin to start construction with the help of a construction manager (CM).
(6) Post Construction: Post construction is when the building is fully built. The owner has a punch list of items, materials and work that was completed.
(7) Owner Occupancy: Owner moves into the building or office.

BAK Construction Inc is a licensed and insured firm. Our contractors, subcontractors and suppliers are also licensed and insured in their area of expertise. To provide the exceptional services, we provide a $1M-$5M insurance coverage for products, personal injury and general aggregate. We can provide a $10M umbrella insurance including bond if it is required to complete your project.


BAK Construction Inc values all our subcontractors and encourage subcontractors in each trade to collaborate with us on upcoming and ongoing projects. To get on our subcontractors list, please send an email to Our vendor outreach will send a form for you to fill out. This form is to help us understand your trade and your capability for our firm. After completing the forms, our representative will review the documents on the on boarding process.